Lentil Salad and Pastry


     100g cooked lens
     100g of cooked pasta "small weights"
     200g cooked green beans
     2 cooked carrots, sliced
     40g pickles

For the sauce:

     1 small onion, chopped
     4 c. tablespoons olive oil
     2 c. tablespoons sunflower oil
     2 c. vinegar
     Strands of chopped dill
     chopped parsley sprigs
     salt and pepper

For eggs:

     10cl vinegar
     4 eggs


In a bowl, combine all sauce ingredients. Arrange vegetables, lentils and pasta in the serving dishes. Pour vinegar into a pan of simmering water and poach the eggs for 3 minutes, drain and place in cold water to stop cooking. Drain, trimming then have poached eggs delicately on the salad. Serve the salad with onion sauce and herbs.
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