Sauteed Vegetables

 For the cous cous:100 g of cous cous200 ml of vegetable brothsaute for:2 bunches fresh spinach clean and chopped1/2 peeled and chopped green onionsClean and chopped 1/2 small zucchini12 shelled fresh peas pods2 peeled and chopped walnuts6 chopped hazelnuts1 chopped jujube2 cloves garlic, peeled and choppedA quarter of 1 red pepper, chopped small cleanFreshly ground black pepper to tasteSalt to tasteOlive oil, the necessaryfor garnish:1 potato, peeled and cut into thin slices1 large tomato clean and cut into wedgesOlive oil, the necessaryFreshly ground black pepper to tasteSalt to taste

Boil the vegetable broth and pour this over the cous cous in a bowl, cover and let stand 4-5 minutes for the cous cous absorb the broth and remaining cooked.Meanwhile, sauté with a little oil and salt spinach with garlic 3-4 minutes over medium-high heat and reserve.Saute also other vegetables with nuts, pepper and salt and mix with spinach and cous cous.On a griddle or in a frying pan painted with a little oil dora potatoes 3-4 minutes, if you use the tápalas plate with foil.Mount the dish to taste the cous cous served with potatoes and tomatoes.
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