8:08:00 AM
Ingredients : 1 varied lettuce 3 tomatoes on branch 150 grams of cooked ham 120 grams of cheese enmental 120 grams of tun...
Ojala Salad Ojala Salad Reviewed by RECIPES on 8:08:00 AM Rating: 5
8:00:00 AM
Ingredients: ½ kg . chard 3 potatoes 1 onion or scallions 2 cloves garlic oil Salt paprika Processing instructions : Cl...
Chard to Extremadura Chard to Extremadura Reviewed by RECIPES on 8:00:00 AM Rating: 5
Cranberry glazed, tempeh and avocado Cranberry glazed, tempeh and avocado Reviewed by RECIPES on 7:36:00 AM Rating: 5
7:26:00 AM
Ingredients:   For the cous cous: 100 g of cous cous 200 ml of vegetable broth saute for: 2 bunches fresh spinach clean and chopped 1/2...
Sauteed Vegetables Sauteed Vegetables Reviewed by RECIPES on 7:26:00 AM Rating: 5
7:14:00 AM
While prepared you are, the simple rice is delicious. You can complement sophisticated seasoned dishes, or can be seasoned with spices an...
Plain white Rice Plain white Rice Reviewed by RECIPES on 7:14:00 AM Rating: 5
5:49:00 AM
In this recipe I gave many turns. I wanted to make a chocolate egg as Easter but that looked like the real thing. After several tests wit...
Chocolate eggs and egg Chocolate eggs and egg Reviewed by RECIPES on 5:49:00 AM Rating: 5
5:24:00 AM
I wanted to make a cake that proves an addiction for chocolate, and I think I got it. The cake and coverage are again adapted from the b...
Chocolate cake for Easter Chocolate cake for Easter Reviewed by RECIPES on 5:24:00 AM Rating: 5