Chocolate eggs and egg

In this recipe I gave many turns. I wanted to make a chocolate egg as Easter but that looked like the real thing.After several tests with different fillings, this is the result that most satisfies me. I hope you like it.
• 62 ml of water• 188 g sugar• A few drops of lemon juice• 4 egg yolks• 7 grams of cornstarch (cornflour)• 1 tablespoon milk• 15 g of butter
1 In a saucepan put water, sugar and lemon drops. We bring to boil until it forms a syrup. We let temper.2 In a bowl we beat some yolks, add the starch and milk and mix well so that no lumps.3 When the syrup is warm add it gradually, threadlike stir while on the yolk mixture.4 Pour the pan again and put the fire until it thickens. We must stir continuously to avoid lumps or sticking.5 Remove from heat, toss the butter and mix until completely dissolved.6 We reserve the bud covered with film until use.
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