Custard Cream

The custard is a basic recipe pastries and say this because it is commonly used, so it is very convenient know do it for use in different preparations as they can be filled pies, cakes, pastries ...If what we want is a lighter cream, custard type, we would have to add a more milk but following ratio the other ingredients.

 • 250 ml of whole milk
 • 90 g sugar 
• 1 vanilla bean 
• lemon or orange peel to flavor-optional
 • 2 egg yolks 
• 20 g of corn starch-cornstarch

1 In a saucepan heat up 200ml milk with sugar, vanilla pod open and orange peel. stir and leave on medium-low for aromatic the milk slowly.

2 In a bowl put 50 ml of remaining milk. Add the cornflour and mix well using a fork or rods until there isno lumps. Whisk yolks and add to the mix. mix everything very good.

3 When the milk begins to boil remove from heat. We draw the vanilla bean and orange peel. Add the mixture from the bowl, stirring both.

We took the pan back on the fire. Stir continuously mix until thickened, about 5 'more or less.

5 Remove from heat custard. Let cool, covered with must be transparent-film contact with cream-not to do the surface crust, and booked to the time of use.
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