Eggs Stuffed Pancakes

Pancake batter ingredients:

2 eggs.
25 cl milk.
100 g flour.
30 g brown butter.
Spoons. with water soup.
1 pinch of caster sugar.
1 onion.For the filling:

1 grated zucchini.
1 egg.
Edam cheese.
Pepper.To serve :

Green salad.
Spinach leaves.
Edam cheese.
Thyme.Preparation:Mixing the egg, sugar and salt. Stir in flour gradually continuing to stir to get a smooth paste.Add water and milk. Gradually pour the liquid to a paste without lumps. Let the dough rest 30 minutes then add 30 g of hazelnut butter.Heat a crepe pan. It must be hot to grab the dough.Cut the onion in half, poking the curved side with a fork, dip it in oil and lightly coat the pan. Y spread a thin layer of dough and cook on both sides. Repeat until all the batter.In a pan, fry the zucchini in olive oil. Salt and pepper.Drop some zucchini in the middle of the pancake by digging a nest, depositing an egg, a little grated cheese and sprinkle with thyme. Fold the crepe for a triangular shape.Cook the pancake over low heat for 2 minutes on both sides. Serve hot with a spring salad.
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