Puff pastry with spinach and eggs

Ingredients:350g leaves pastillaFor the filling:

1 roasted red pepper, seeded and cut into small pieces
1 chopped onion
100g sliced ​​fresh mushrooms
3 Spoons. oil soup
2 bunches of spinach
200g ricotta
5 eggs
Salt and pepperFor the decoration:

Hard boiled eggs
Cherry tomato
SpinachPreparation:Sauté onion with pepper and mushrooms in oil for 5 minutes. In cold water, cook for 8 to three eggs 9mn, cool, peel them and detail the washers. Blanch the spinach in salted water bouillasse for one minute, drain and plunge into ice water to cool. Drain and pat dry spinach. chop and add the vegetables. Cook everything for 3 minutes, add salt and pepper and add a fresh egg, mix and remove from heat. Arrange the leaves pastilla on a plate, garnish with stuffing, place the top of boiled eggs and slices Ricotta. Fold the edges of the pastilla sheets over the filling and roll to obtain a laminate. Glue laminated with egg yolk and generously coat with oil. Cook laminated in a hot oven until golden. Serve decorated with laminated boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes and spinach.
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